• Chelsea Mariah

How to Make the Most of Middle School

At 12 years old, prepping for college may not be on the radar. However, there is a lot of growth that needs to happen before that point. If you wait until your senior year to prepare for your future, you will have already missed out on many exciting opportunities. So, what can you do now?

  1. Begin learning a foreign language. Most middle schools offer languages such as French or Spanish. Learning a foreign language will open your mind to alternative ways of thinking, improve your memory, and expose you to diverse cultures. Foreign language is often the first class students can choose.

  2. Find a service opportunity to fit your passion. Do you love dogs? Then, look into reading to dogs at your local shelter or ask your family if you can foster. Do you love music? Reach out to a local hospice to see if you can regularly perform for the patients.

  3. Make the most of your summers. Attend programs that explore your interests or start earning money. Your city likely offers low cost summer programming for sports and arts. You can also start earning money babysitting, doing housework, or shelving books at the local library.

For more specific information on how to access opportunities for young adults, please email KaiZenithAdmissions@gmail.com about the Mentorship for Teens plan.

  • Improve study skills

  • Seek out summer opportunities

  • Determine early career/educational interests

  • Build on leadership, writing, and socio-emotional skills

  • Enhance extracurricular involvement

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Build excitement for the future

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