• Chelsea Mariah

Quick Answers: Can I Defer Because of Covid-19?

While many students will continue forward with their college plans this fall, other students would rather wait until they can have the freshman experience they always imagined. How do you defer for Covid-19?

Can you defer your enrollment until the 2021-22 academic year?

Yes! Every school will have their own process. I have worked with many students on deferring admission, particularly my students in Singapore who needed to defer for mandatory National Service. You generally defer before this point, but you can still communicate with schools at this stage as well.

For students wary of online classes and social distance measures impacting their freshman year, how can they defer? 

There is a specific point of contact at schools and possibly even a standard form to submit. If not, then you reach out to the admissions office in general. I would recognize that colleges do not want to have online classes, but are forced by the circumstances. I would avoid any accusatory language when discussing your reasons for deferral. In addition to explaining why you will defer, mention your plan for your year ahead, reaffirm that you are committed to attending the school next year, and demonstrate openness to their deferral process if they have one.

Can you take cheaper online credits at a local community college in the 2020-21 academic year if you defer? Will you be able to take those credits with you?

It depends on the school. Schools will have clear language about what is and what is not allowed during the gap year. If they do allow certain coursework, make sure that those credits will actually transfer by using tools such as Transferology and speaking with a representative in the Transfer office. Your classes are most likely to transfer if you are attending a community college within the same state as a public 4 year university that you will attend (e.g. Harold Washington City College credits transferred to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign). 

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