• Chelsea Mariah

How to Transfer from Community College

Nearly half of 4-year college graduates start their higher education journey at a community college. Despite this information, transfer admissions counseling is largely overshadowed by freshman admissions counseling. What do these CC transfer hopefuls need to know?

  1. If you applied to the same four year institution previously, your current application may be read alongside your older application. You will need to show substantial growth between the applications.

  2. Use Transferology or a similar site to determine which credits your future school may accept.

  3. Your GPA is of utmost importance. 4 year universities can often dismiss students who have a standard or substandard CC performance as they perceive their university to be more challenging.

  4. You will need to have a clear reason for transferring. Ask yourself how you can better fulfill your goals from a four year institution. Be aware that you will likely need to be able to answer this question without using any school specifics.

  5. Transfer spots are limited. Take advantage of the late deadlines to work on several school applications.

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