• Chelsea Mariah

Online College- Is It For You?

Online college offers location independence, which is significant for students who have medical needs, family obligations, are limited by geography, or have other unique needs. Many students are able to juggle work and family needs concurrently.

Unfortunately, online college means less access to socialization and community engagement. Some students may find it hard to focus when attending class online.

So, what should online students know?


-Consider the functionality of your environment. Even though you can attend class from anywhere, does not mean you will be able to learn well anywhere.

-Look for opportunities to participate in your school community outside the online classroom. You need work a little harder to get involved when attending online classes, but there are options.

-Create boundaries. Some online classes you can complete on your own schedule. It's essential you carve out time to focus solely on class. Otherwise, your one hour class may become 3 hours after procrastinating on the internet.

-Take advantage of your opportunities to explore. Travel, work, and experience the learning opportunities of the world.


-Feel like your college experience is less valid than a traditional on-campus experience.

-Forget to engage your classmates even if you are not physically near.

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