• Chelsea Mariah

Ode to The Point Foundation

One powerful organization aiding underrepresented students is the The Point Foundation. The Point Community College Program helps students with some of the greatest adversity- LGBTQ students who are often also first generation or low income. Additionally, all of the students The Point Community College Program assists are transfer students. These students are college ready and have strong potential demonstrated by the fact that they are already enrolled in community college. Point works to build upon their success to cultivate their dreams of an education at a four-year institution.

Through the scholarship program, current recipients can garner up to $3,700 in tuition aid and counseling. The program is particularly effective because it beyond providing a scholarship it provides access to the Point Community College Transfer Symposium, an extensive alumni network, and a mentorship program. At the symposium, students are coached on topics related to admissions and financial literacy. Each scholar is matched with an adult mentor in the professional world. The mentors serve to create a lifelong plan for success such as graduate studies and career opportunities. The most significant part of the mentorship relationship is in pursuing their annual community service project, so they can impact the larger LGBTQ community.

Learn more: https://pointfoundation.org/point-apply/community-college/

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