• Chelsea Mariah

Where to Get an American Education with International Experience

Many students want to attend an American school because of their brand recognition with employers. However, education abroad is often much cheaper and comes with unique experiences.

Yale-NUS: This hybrid of Yale University and the National University of Singapore offers one of the first liberal arts education in Asia. The school is also very new, so you will be able to form the culture and traditions with your peers. Singapore is a safer, cleaner, and more efficient place to live than the United States, so your parents will rest comfortably.

CMU: Carnegie Mellon University offers degrees in nearly 20 locations across six continents. CMU is particularly strong for computer science and engineering.

NYU: NYU has well-known campuses in Abu Dhabi and the newer Shanghai. There is also a larger network of small NYU campuses such as Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Madrid, Paris and Prague. NYU has the highest number of international students in America and sends more students abroad than other university so you know they take the global classroom concept seriously.

Franklin University: Franklin maintains a campus in the beautiful city of Lugano. Academic travel is required for students, so you will certainly gain more international experience than just Switzerland.

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