• Chelsea Mariah

Harness Social Media on Applications

Social media makes up hours of most college applicant's days in 2017. How can students leverage social media in their favor?

1) Clean it up.

Delete or hide all questionable behaviors. The easiest way to do this is to make your accounts private. Remember that the internet is forever. If you post something nefarious, you can never guarantee someone will not see it later.

2) Connect with schools.

Keep up with school culture by following their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Schools are aware that you spend your time on these platforms and curate content for you. You can use this research for your essays later on.

3) Show off your talents.

You can set up a ZeeMee (directly connected to your application), LinkedIn, or even your own website. Here, you can share your short films if you want to be a film major, your internship with the Human Rights Council if you are pre-law, or your blogs if you want to be a Journalism major. Once you determine your talent brand, find a way to project that to the admissions committee.

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