Canadian Universities You Should Add to Your List

Add University of Toronto if your list currently includes UPenn, NYU, or Columbia. This school will give you "the city is your campus" vibes. Add McGill if your list currently includes UC-Berkeley, Oberlin, or Vassar. This school will unite your love for intellectual pursuits and political activism. Add University of British Columbia if your list currently includes Sarah Lawrence, Williams, or Purdue. This school will allow you to have a cutting-edge education while basking in British Columbia's beautiful nature. Contact if you are considering applying to Canadian universities. #UT #Toronto #NYU #Columbia #UPenn #Ivy #Canada #urbancampus #McGill #Berkeley #Oberl

Where to Get an American Education with International Experience

Many students want to attend an American school because of their brand recognition with employers. However, education abroad is often much cheaper and comes with unique experiences. Yale-NUS: This hybrid of Yale University and the National University of Singapore offers one of the first liberal arts education in Asia. The school is also very new, so you will be able to form the culture and traditions with your peers. Singapore is a safer, cleaner, and more efficient place to live than the United States, so your parents will rest comfortably. CMU: Carnegie Mellon University offers degrees in nearly 20 locations across six continents. CMU is particularly strong for computer science and enginee



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