Harness Social Media on Applications

Social media makes up hours of most college applicant's days in 2017. How can students leverage social media in their favor? 1) Clean it up. Delete or hide all questionable behaviors. The easiest way to do this is to make your accounts private. Remember that the internet is forever. If you post something nefarious, you can never guarantee someone will not see it later. 2) Connect with schools. Keep up with school culture by following their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Schools are aware that you spend your time on these platforms and curate content for you. You can use this research for your essays later on. 3) Show off your talents. You can set up a ZeeMee (directly connected to your app

Your Guide to UC Applications

1) There is no Early Action or Early Decision. UC applications have a unique timeline. They have no "early" option, though all regular applications are due a month earlier than most other schools. Mark your calendars because the November 30th deadline is coming up fast! 2) UC applications do not require individual school supplements. While you will need to pay a filing fee for each campus you apply to, you will not need to do any additional work. Many students, though risky, don't want to focus extra energy on safety schools or reach schools. The UC system has a wide range of schools on the selectivity spectrum, so if your school list needs balance, this is the perfect opportunity to diversi

What is the ROI of a MBA?

Going to business school is a large investment in your time and money. If you are considering attending from a financial perspective, you should look at 3 factors: 1) Your forgone income- If you decided against business school, how much money would you earn over that period of time? 2) Cost of the program and preparation for the program- How much would it cost for you to prepare for the GMAT, submit your applications, pay tuition, cover living expenses, etc? 3) Your expected future income- If you did attend business school, how do you anticipate your salary reflecting that change? Now that we know how to calculate the ROI, let's talk about how you can minimize risk and maximize reward. 1) Ch



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