Fast Facts About FAFSA

Financial Aid applications open this weekend. Are you ready? Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how to maximize aid. Most students qualify. More students could receive aid than apply each year. There are millions of dollars left unclaimed year that could be directed to your college education. If your family takes home less than $250k a year, then you qualify for something. In Chicago, that's roughly 95% of families. It is not the same as CSS/Profile, and you should fill out both. They are both open on the same day and there are some key differences on what schools accept them and how they calculate financial need. There is homework for parents, too. Unlike most of the college a

Tips for Indian Students Applying to US Colleges

1) Even if your schooling was in English, you may need to still take the IELTS or TOEFL. Each school policy is different, but it is common for schools to require Indian students to show proof of their English language abilities. 2) On a related note, pay attention to your audience when crafting your personal statement. While you should feel encouraged to show off your culture in your Common App essay, be advised that many phrases and grammatical structures are unfamiliar to the American reader. 3) It is important to stay involved with extracurricular activities. It is common for students to drop sports and arts involvement when in the later years of their secondary school. While your grades

Tips for Chinese Students Applying to US Universities

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Chinese teens start university here stateside. However, the American system is bewildering to most applicants. See below for general points of advice when planning your applications. Schedule a free consultation if you would like to elevate your own application. Take time to build a dynamic profile Unlike the Chinese system, your admission is not based on one score. It is "holistic." You will hear this term thrown around a lot by admissions folk. What does it mean and how can I succeed in a holistic process? It means that your application is looked as having many components, all of which are important. You should be involved in extracurricular activities,



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